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What was your route to Mills & Co?

I joined Mills & Co as a newly qualified solicitor in September 2021, having trained at a general corporate and commercial law firm. I did not have any prior shipping law experience but did have a particular interest in commercially focussed litigation work, which represented a core part of my training contract. When I became aware of the shipping litigator opportunity at Mills & Co, I was keen to learn more. I started by researching the firm and the areas of expertise offered. I also looked more broadly at the shipping industry to gain a feel for the different shipping markets, and to consider what immediate challenges the industry would face during the first few years of my career. The more I looked into the opportunity – the more I wanted to be a shipping litigator. I applied to Mills & Co and was pleased to subsequently be offered the position.

What does your role at Mills & Co involve?

I have now enjoyed over two years at Mills & Co. Looking back over that time, there have been several reasons for this:

1. The urgent and emergency nature of some shipping incidents ensures a healthy element of variety to every week. 

2. I have benefitted from the independence and autonomy given to me to run the day to day conduct of files, and have one-to-one contact with clients. 

3. The quality of the instructions (be it in litigation or arbitration) ensures the work is interesting, challenging and varied. 

4. Lastly, I have been impressed with the emphasis on learning and teaching at the firm and, in particular, the energy given by the senior directors towards developing the firm’s younger fee earners.

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